Are you a mother that wishes to make money while still enjoying and see your child grow……?

My name is Khaty a mother, wife and student at the same time, I also work part time now and then to make ends meet. Life had not been so perfect at all I had tried other businesses around here and there. I come from a family where we are taught that education would offer you the best paying job and then you can have the life you want. After having worked 2-3 jobs in the health field ended up with no results yet with none stop collection call life seemed to keep on getting worse and expensive. 

We decided to move to different province because I was sick and tired of everything especially if you lived in a province like “Toronto” am sure you can relate if you live there. After having been exhausted from working hard from shift to shift tried other online businesses never worked; in the back of my mind I always wished for a better life and change was what I was looking for, I decided to start further my studies in the medical field as a Registered Nurse just to make ends meet while still going to school and having money come in without me leaving the house to allow me to make dinner and enjoy time with my kids.

One day I was browsing through Facebook and I saw an ad on Facebook which just caught my attention because it was so real and I could relate most of the things in there. I followed the ad and pressed the link and there I was. I followed the workshop for few months to really see if it was real and there I met real people telling real stories which was really shocking and made the move; It’s been 2months that I joined and met with awesome people that I now enjoy working with; we are family now. They took me step by step and gave a mentor that followed me step by step in every direction. Now am surrounded with inspirational people whom I call family and I can count on to move forward in this new journey of my life. Am so happy and blessed to have found these wonderful people.    

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Khaty Mwini